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We are experienced, strategic minded, one step ahead, and compassionate. When you hire us to represent you, you have hired a team who cares, who will keep you updated, and who will fight for you. Our previous clients recommend us, our peers recommend us, and with our hard work we will ensure you’ll recommend us as well!

Below is a small example of what a few of our clients have had to say about how we have helped them.

“Josh represented me on more than one occasion.  I felt that he worked very hard for me and got me good settlements.  When I got into an accident, my insurance company tried to get away with paying as little as possible for rehab, but when Josh got involved he straightened them out in a hurry. I would recommend Josh to everyone!”

“Josh worked diligently on my file that settled for more than double my expectations.”

“Joshua was instrumental in obtaining necessary medical rehabilitation benefits against my shrewd insurer. His attention to detail, customer service, and results were invaluable. I highly recommend Lindzon Legal.”


“My experience working with Mr. Lindzon, far exceeded my expectations – his knowledge, skill and attention to detail made the lawsuit process easy to follow and less stressful than I would have predicted. During a difficult time in my life, Mr. Lindzon connected me with the appropriate health care professionals which helped my healing process. The encouragement, the explanation of what was going on at all times, and the ongoing communication was very helpful and comforting to me. At the conclusion, the final settlement was significantly more than I expected. Thank you!”


“Joshua’s guidance after the accident was invaluable. I was fortunate to get his advice early on, I wouldn’t have been able to anticipate the deterrents we faced. The final settlements exceeded my expectations.”

“I am writing this testimonial in support of Lindzon Legal. I met Joshua at a pivotal moment in my health after suffering serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident. At first I had no intention of utilizing a lawyer and actually shied away from it, but I was past the point of being able to navigate my insurance company and all of the complexities that come with it on my own. I was being denied benefits and given the run around and was just about to reach the statute of limitations when I got in contact with Joshua. Right from the get go Joshua treated me with respect and compassion and didn’t spare a moment putting the wheels in motion to get me the support I needed and deserved.  Within days the insurance company changed their position. Joshua went out of his way to be always be available  and responsive and I never had an issue reaching him. Joshua was able to connect me with the resources I needed and in turn was able to concentrate on improving my health and rehabilitation without constantly worrying about what was going on. A legal proceeding is very daunting as a lay person and Joshua was able to take away a huge amount of the stress and anxiety I was experiencing at a time when I was most vulnerable. He was able to explain this to me in layman’s terms which was very helpful in a world of legal terms, insurance adjusters and lawyers. Without the help of Joshua I would not be where I am today.  He was able to get a resolution much quicker than I anticipated and I am very grateful for his tenacity and expertise as a lawyer.   I would not hesitate for one moment recommending Lindzon Legal and anyone who was in need of a personal injury lawyer.  He is an excellent lawyer and I can guarantee you will be in great hands.”

“Lindzon Legal is amazing! Joshua never stopped fighting for me, and did everything he possibly could to provide exemplary customer service.  He has integrity. My expectations were far exceeded.  I hope I never get into another accident again, but if I do, I will be calling Joshua!”

“Joshua Lindzon is the most caring and professional member of the legal profession I have ever had the pleasure to be associated with. Once injured, I did not realize how important it was to have the right lawyer fighting for me. Joshua will do his best to get you what you deserve while you concentrate on getting better. Current injury law is tricky and believing even your own insurance company is on your side is a fallacy. So don’t do it alone. And to me that means having Joshua on my side.”

”I was referred to Joshua through a pedestrian safety Facebook group following a slip and fall. Joshua was terrific to work with and the settlement that he negotiated exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Joshua to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer (though I hope you never need one!)”

“I was among Joshua’s first clients as I retained him since before he started his firm in 2017.I am impressed by Joshua’s knowledge and abilities that distinguish him from the rest. His care for his clients extends to capture the maximum under your personal injury accident benefits situation. His knowledge of tort is no less impressive. Every dollar he can capture with his keen sense of the law he will, for the benefit of his client. The team itself is powerful and effective, combining swift action with unchallenged reasoning. The firm has nowhere to go but grow in my opinion, as I have seen for myself the intense approach the firm has towards each individual entrusted to them. I have always felt I was in good hands with Lindzon Legal and its dedicated staff. I highly recommend Joshua’s services to those who need a personal touch with unparalleled professionalism.”

“I had the good fortune to meet Joshua by a mere coincidence at Toys R Us. We were casually discussing toys for our respective grandchildren and children when the subject of him being a personal injury lawyer came up. I told him about all the issues I was having with my Accident Benefits and how my insurer mishandled them. Joshua assured me he could help. Within days after retaining him, Joshua had my wife and I receiving physio/chiro treatment and was working on getting us Income Replacement Benefits as well. Joshua is very different than any other lawyers I have ever worked with in the past. He takes on your case as though it is his own and tirelessly works toward getting his clients everything they are entitled to and more. He settled our Accident Benefits Claim (which my wife and I didn’t even know was possible) and this provided us interim financial relief while we were both unable to continue working. Joshua has advocated on our behalf when Insurance Companies dug in and gave him a very hard time. Joshua has now successfully settled our case and we are extremely happy with the results. We strongly recommend hiring him for your injury matter.”

“Josh exceeded my expectations through his service, communication, and results! He allowed me to appreciate how important it was to retain a lawyer who cares, and is not afraid to take on the insurance companies. He also is very knowledgable in the law, and knew exactly what needed to be done to exceed my expectations. If you are looking for a lawyer who genuinely cares about his clients, Josh is the one! Thank you.”

“I had a great experience working with Josh over the past several years. He handled the stressful situations and communication needs for my lawsuit with delicate balance of both professionalism and candor. His advocacy and support from start to finish was reassuring for me having had no previous experiences as a victim fighting for retribution. With understanding of trauma and also compassion resonating from his own personal experiences with such, really allowed me to feel comfortable sharing my ups, downs, highs and lows transparently with Josh. I would highly recommend this boutique firm to anyone looking for the hands on approach many large big box firms lack.”

“Joshua is a kind, compassionate and professional lawyer. He would call to see if I’m doing ok and he worked very hard throughout my case until the very end. He always had my best interests in mind and If I ever had any questions, he would always get back to me right away. I highly recommend Lindzon Legal.”

“We are very grateful to have received the help and guidance we did from our lawyer Joshua Lindzon. He is amazing, hardworking, dedicated and professional. He took care of all the issues related to the accident for myself and my son and strongly fought for our rights. He had a great deal of compassion for our serious health issues as a result of the accident. We highly recommend Joshua to anyone who is looking for a good and caring lawyer.”

“I was naive thinking that my insurance company would do the right thing. I thought it would automatically give me the coverage I deserved and paid for following a bad accident.  After a year of daily pain and suffering I was introduced to Joshua Lindzon and things changed quickly. Very quickly. He discovered my insurer had not been doing things right and got me money that they had neglected to tell me I was even eligible for when I was unrepresented. Joshua fought diligently to get the insurance company to treat my case properly. Each step of the way he made sure that I was kept informed and did not have to deal directly with them. I am glad that I will have enough to take care of myself without continuing to be a financial burden on my family. Josh and his team were always excellent to talk to about the case, always available, kind, compassionate, and understanding. If you need a lawyer call Joshua Lindzon for excellent care of your case.”

“I was faced with a situation that required a lot of therapy and the attention of a good law firm! I hired Lindzon legal. Joshua always kept in contact with me and kept me well  informed throughout the case. He was very helpful with information and with returning my calls.  He always made himself available for me. I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Lindzon legal, as he provides a personal touch of top notch customer and legal advocacy.  Joshua helped me receive the results and closure that I was looking for and that I deserved for my painful injury. It was a pleasure working with Joshua as his character, integrity and dedication stood out to me.”

“I think Josh is wonderful, he did a great job of getting me my settlement. The service was very good. When I first heard from Candice, I did not know the protocol, but everyone was very nice, I’m quite happy with the way Josh looked after me. I would highly recommend him to be a lawyer in a case like this, I’m so happy I got in contact with him.”